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About THBC

The Torquay Hotel Buying Consortium was set up in 1966 by a small group of independent hoteliers. The purpose of its creation was to discuss and compare costs currently faced by its members and try and combine forces to obtain competitive prices. Today the same ethos applies within the Consortium yet the challenges faced by members are very different from the 1960s and 70s.

The Consortium is well regarded by the companies who supply them and there is a strict code of how business is conducted which must be adhered to from all the members.

This in turn ensures competitiveness and loyalty from both parties. Meetings are held monthly in member hotels and potential suppliers are invited to contact us should they feel they have something to offer the Consortium.

Currently the Consortium represents thirteen ‘well-known larger hotels’ in Torquay and the surrounding area, plus five satellite Members owned by Torbay Hoteliers, with a combined guest capacity of over 2000 beds. The aim of the Consortium is ‘to assist Member Hotels in their purchasing arrangements, covering a wide range of commodities and services’. To facilitate this and cover running costs, each member pays a subscription, based on the number of hotel bedrooms.

The influence of the Consortium has increased particularly over the past decade. With an eye to the future, there have been two recent attempts to market Consortium Member Hotels at local exhibitions and Members will consider this activity further. The computer and internet has facilitated ease of preparation and analysis to recommend to Members for decision-making. The Consortium has enabled a group of hoteliers to come together with tangible financial and business benefits that range from bulk purchases to mutually supportive strategic planning to the benefit of the industry and the resort.